Smoke bombs , Bridal shots & Halloween, why not?

   In the mix of my move across the country coming up in just 2 short weeks, finishing off jobs I've had booked (including one wedding), and trying to keep my head above water, I came up with the idea of having a Halloween bridal shot. And why not? Lets throw in some smoke bombs to go with it. After weeks upon weeks of planning, the day finally came for me. 


   I'm not big on halloween. But this type of session was a MUST for me to shoot and knock off my bucket list. And boy am I glad I did it. 


   The models in this session not only were such naturals with this, but they have been modeling for me all year long, so I knew this session would be nothing short of stunning. And that's exactly what it was. The MUA I had came up from San Diego who worked her magic. In my kitchen! No-less. 


   As many know, Southern California is notorious for brush fires. Especially around this time of the year. This particular spot was hit not far from where we were shooting at here, leaving a devistating after math on the beautiful Southern California mountians right behind us. For that reason, I had to come COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone and work my magic on the editing side of things. SMOKE BOMB OVER LAYS!!!



   I have used over lays in the past, but never smoke bomb over lays. I know those can be tricky, but I took the plunge and used them. I just couldn't bring myself to actually use real smoke bombs just 2 weeks after one of the biggest brush fires in our area of the year, was just put out. 


   So one will ask. Why this style? Why the day of the dead bridal session? Well. Besides the fact that we are creeping into October, I wanted to REALLY step out of my comfort zone and wanted to try something different. Now heres the thing. I never have actually shot a wedding of this nature. But my goodness, I pray that one client stumbles upon me with this very idea for her actual wedding! How neat would it be to shoot an actual wedding in this nature? 



   Weddings are suppose to be unique. A clear representation of your style, your envision, and your wants, all wrapped up to celebrate the love you have for one another. YOUR wedding can be anything you want it to be. There is no rule for them that they have to be your typical white dress, big monstrous cake, and veil that's longer than the Eiffel Tower. 


   If you want your wedding to be something themed such as the day of the dead, then thats what you have! All you need is a good photographer to help capture that envision and bring it to life through their images. Not only was this session just absolutely stunning in each and every way, but it was unique to it's core.


   I hope you guys enjoyed this small blog I put togetger for it as well as these beautiful images I was able to capture that night.