San Moritz Venue

   This wedding venue, high up in the mountains of San Bernadino California, was to die for! With a beautiful lake just side of the ceremony site, big beautiful historic trees and a sunset that peaks in through them just at the right spot, its any brides dream. Heck, its any wedding photographers dream!!! 


   This being my FIRST styled shoot, I didn't know what to expect. It being high up in the mountains, I was a nervous wreck. I secretly have a fear of hights and I newly discovered that a few months ago. As my motion sickness climbed through the roof with each twist and turn I made during my drive there, so did my aniexty. But once all said and done, I couldn't be happier with the outcome. 

   The florist who took care of these beautful cakes was naynaypfunk. She did an amazing job with the small details of these cakes and brought them to life for each style wedding that we were shooting that day. 

   Each of these ladies were stunning and rocked the heck out of these shots. They both had their own style and gave me so much variety while shooting. These ladies were having fun with it which allowed for them to bring out those natural poses and smiles. It was a hot day that day, but you would have never guessed by the looks of these shots. 

   Aside of how stunning this session came out, can any of ya'll guess which one of these couples were actually a couple and not just strangers? In the image above, they're the only REAL couple out of the two. Whereas the other couple did amazing in not letting it be known through their chemistry during the shoot that they were in fact just strangers, this couple being an actual couple, really allowed for the authenticity to come out with it. 

   Putting everything beautiful about this styled shoot aside, we have the behind the scenes of it all. Behind all those stunning poses, gorgeous smiles, and beautiful kisses, were the laughter, the jokes, and the all around fun these four models made it for us that day. These four were such dolls to work with and their spunky attiudes and personalities really were let out that day. 

   So why styled shoots one may ask? Why do photographers PAY to shoot when they can just book a wedding and shoot while THEY get paid. Well, styled shoots allows us photographers to callaborate with other creatives. It allows all of us creatives to come together and put these stunning envisions we have with what is in front of us, to be captured. The creator of this styled shoot; Thecounterfitwedding; made it possible for us that day. She did absolutely amazing with making sure that the day ran smooth, the models were having fun as well as us photographers. Not to mention, all the other creatives that day who brought this all together and made it possible for us. These styled shoots give us an opportunity to shoot in specific locations that we would love to produce work on, and showcase to potential brides. So here is to my very first styled shoot, and to many more!