Location, Location, Location. And why it matters

   Why is location so important? Why does it matter what kind of trees are behind you, what type of lighting there is during the session time, and why is the time of the year important? Those are things I get asked a LOT by clients when we are in the pre-booking stage of their session. These things are so very important and they go hand in hand with one another in producing some of the most beautiful images for you. 

   Let's be honest. You wouldn't want to have your engagement session shot in the middle of summer (down in the South, it's brutal). You will literally have sweat dripping down your face even just standing there looking pretty. You wouldn't want to have them done in a park with a bunch of childrens playgrounds in the back. Because why? You WANT character in your images. You want to wow your family and friends, and be wowed when you see your images for the first time. 

The location and time of year you choose, plays MAJOR factors in the outcome of your session. Choose locations with beautiful trees. A location that allows the peek of the sun to hit it just right, therefore giving YOU that beautiful glow to your skin. Beautiful places I have shot at are horse stables (Yeass!! My FAVORITE), wooded areas, farm/barn houses, and my all time favorite, IN THE WATER!!! 

   Yes, you heard me right. IN. THE. WATER!!!. Get your butt in there with your husband/ boyfriend, and lets get those shots!!!


Ohhh the possibilities of shooting in the water right before sunset. 


   Want a change of pace? Fall Sessions are it! There are so many possibilities with shooting in the fall time. Leaves have changed colors, and the air is more crisp. Get those mustard yellows, burgundies, and boots out. 

   It is so very important to listen to your photographer when they have suggestions as to times of the day to shoot. After all, you did hire them for a reason. ;)