Lance Wedding/ Southern California

Well here we are. In the middle of fall and clear, crisp air is in full force. (Well for some places that is.) This past summer was a fun, busy, and enjoying one for me and my business. I got to shoot some of the most beautiful weddings this past summer season, as well as participate in some of the most beautiful styled shoots. One of which I got published in Zion Bridal Magazine (yay!!!). But aside of all of that, I wanted to share with you this beautiful "end of summer" wedding I got to shoot in Southern California this past September. 

Look at those beautiful red rose pedals along the isle! And those beautiful burgundy bridesmaids dresses. Everything about this wedding was so different, and beautiful. But more so, the culture behind it. This Brides FATHER married them! Thats rigght, her father. How absolutely beautiful is that that he not only got to walk his daughter down the isle on her wedding day, but that her own father was able to marry her to her soul mate. Her best friend. Her partner in crime. If that doesn't say meaning, then I don't know what does. 

When I walked into this wedding, ready to work, the bride wasn't there yet. Which isn't uncommon. But the groom was. And boy was he ready for this day. The excitment in his face was just all over. You could see the pure joy in his eyes. You could see that he was ready to see his future wife walk down that isle, and start this new chapter in his life; with HER. His friends were such blessings to have by his side that day. Not just fiends though, but family from his fiances side as well. All of them did such a fantasic job in keeping him calm, collected, and on time with everything. But they too had a sense of excitment for their friend/new family member. And all of it shows in this picture above that I captured just before the ceremony took place. 

Then you have the bride! As she finally made her way to the venue, makeup and hair done, ready to get into her dress, she was so full of joy and was just glowing beyond anything I've ever seen. The bridal room was not the biggest, and there were too many people in the room. But those people were the ones who were closest to her. They were the ladies who were, like the grooms side, sharing her excitement with/for her. Before the bride got there, things were moving so slow. I was actually able to check my iWatch for the event timeline, 2938 times to ensure I wasn't running behind on anything. LOL!


   But the minute she got there, it was almost instantly as if the entire day was being fast forwarded on us. We literaly had no time for anything. One thing after another was transitioning and before we knew it, I was posted up at the front of the alter with the groom and she was walking down the aisle. 

Now I ALWAYS give my grooms a little pep talk before we head to the alter. I always tell them that when they first see their fiance come down that isle, that is the time to let out all their feelings. Everything they have been feeling throughout the day anticipating this moment, needs to be let out. They want to cry? Boy you better let those tears flow! and Boy did this groom do just that! This picture tells it all!

After this beautiful ceremony finished, these two made their way back down the aisle, but as a changed couple. They were no longer fiances. They were husband and wife!!