Who I am....


Seven years ago I fell in love with the art of fine art portraiture. Capturing some of peoples most intimate moments, in the most authentic ways through a lens became a passion of mine. 


Born and raised in Southern California and reside in Southern Mississippi, I decided to take my photography full time and apply my talent into bigger things..


Wedding Photography.


Telling peoples love stories and portraying them through images, is one of the greatest things about being a photographer. 


A little personals about me? Well. I eat my pancakes from the inside out, I don't eat anything that lives in the sea, and I secretly listen to Cardi B's music. 

Who I love...


I'm a mother of 4 beautiful children and a wife. Being a mother is what made me fall in love with the art of photography. Having a camera in my hands all the time through the technology of phones, I started snapping away.


Having images of my children, gives me the opportunity to look back on what once was, bringing back all the memories of that day. Exactly what I do for my clients.


And let me tell you. Between the random melt downs in my house because I won't let one of my children jump from the counter top to the kitchen table, or because I wouldn't let one eat from the doggy bowl,  is quite the image to capture. (They will thank me as adults). 


What I love to do....

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