Telling LOVE stories is what I do....

I'm a california girl who loves to create beautiful images for free spirited souls. I'm an adventurous person who wants to capture it all FOR you. I'm the photographer who explores places with you, enjoys the adventure your session may take us on, laugh uncontrolably while I give you these silly prompts that will make you feel so ridcidulous, you just can't help but to laugh. But I will also be the one to cry with you on your wedding day, make sure you don't let that mascara run, and to ensure you look your absolute best before I meet you at the alter with your groom.

I'm that photographer who wants to get to know you and your fiance. I want to be able to hug you after you say your I do's and say YOU DID IT!! You will see me walking around your reception while the music is playing, doing my little hop skip dance, capturing everyone enjoying themselves during the celebration of YOU TWO.

I'll be that person to crack jokes with your family, share life experiences through stories, and find something we have in common. I'm the one who notices the smallest details like that hair tie on your wrist, your grooms shoes being untied, or the flower girls bobby pins coming out. I have you covered!

It's important to have a relationship with your photographer. Therefore, I as your photographer, listen to you.


I shoot your day in the purest and most authenthic form... Ready to get started?!

So let me tell YOUR love story.